JK 2009 : Northumbrian Hills

10th - 13th April 2009

Final Details

Final details are available to download (2MB). They are in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Reader (available to download for free here). People who requested a printed copy of the Final Details should have received them in the post.

Please also note the following ammendments to the above final details:

  • Day 1: The special pictorial control descriptions symbol O indicates a large, round wooden walled planter/flower bed.
  • Day 1: For clarity, and so that it is easier to identify where the next control is, the lines linking controls which cross the motorway out-of-bounds areas have not been cut. THE OUT OF BOUNDS AREAS MUST BE STRICTLY OBSERVED. Will parents please make a point of bringing this to the attention of younger competitors in particular. Anyone found crossing the out-of-bounds will be disqualified!
  • Days 2 & 3: Control description sizes for WRE races:
    • Day 2: course 1 (M21E): 145 x 52 mm
    • Day 2: course 3 (W21E): 130 x 52 mm
    • Day 3: course 1 (M21E): 221 x 52 mm
    • Day 3: course 3 (W21E): 185 x 52 mm

Start Times

Start times for Days 1, 2 & 3 are available on the SPORTident website. All entries up to the closing date are included. Any requests, changes or cancellations received after that date will be processed shortly - please be patient!

Elite Day 3 Start Times

The start lists will be updated after the Day 2 races to include Day 3 start times for elite competitors. The elite Day 3 start order is dictated by order of finishing on Day 2, thus fastest on Day 2, starts last on Day 3. Those mispunching or retiring on Day 2 go off first on Day 3.

All 4 courses have start interval of 3 minutes between runners.

  • W18/20E last start is at 13:00 (finish approx 14:00), so with 34 starters the first start is about 11:21.
  • M18/20E last start is at 13:10 (finish approx 14:15), so with 56 starters the first start is about 10:25.
  • W21E last start is at 13:15 (finish approx 14:30), so with 33 starters the first start is about 11:39.
  • M21E last start is at 13:30 (finish approx 15:00), so with 61 starters the first start is about 10:30.

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