JK 2009 : Northumbrian Hills

10th - 13th April 2009


Pre-entries are now closed. You can view individual entries here and relay entries here.


We regret to have to announce that there must be NO DOGS (even in parking fields) on Days 2, 3 & 4. This is prime sheep country and lambing time. No matter how well controlled you dog is, we cannot run the risk of them disturbing nearby animals, on which the landowners depend for their livelihoods. Parking officials will turn away vehicles with dogs.

Elite competitions

Elite competitors (M/W18-20 and M/W21) will have a Sprint race on Day 1, a Middle race on Day 2 and a Long race on Day 3. Entries may be restricted; those that are not ranked in UK Cup 2008 or FCC 2008 should provide evidence of eligibility to compete. The Middle race (which is the same for 18E, 20E and 21E) and the 21E Long race are both World Ranking Events. All three individual days are UK Cup and FCC races.

Day 1 - Sprint


  • M/W 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
  • M/W 21, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80

Days 2 & 3

The Individual races will have the following classes:

  • M/W10, 12, 14, 16 - A / B
  • M/W18, 20 - Elite / L / S
  • M/W21 - Elite / L / S / Very S / Novice
  • M/W35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, M75 - L / S
  • W75, M/W80

Trophies in all classes (including Elite) will be awarded on the cumulative result of days 2 & 3.

Day 4 - Relays

Standard relay classes:

  • A - JK Trophy (teams of 4: long, short, short, long)
  • B - Women’s Trophy (teams of 3: long, short, long)
  • C - Men Short (long, short, long)
  • D - Women Short (long, short, long)
  • E - Senior Men M120+ (long, short, long)
  • F - Senior Women W120+ (long, short, long)
  • G - Veteran Men M165+ (long, short, long)
  • H - Veteran Women W165+ (long, short, long)
  • J - Intermediate Men M48- (green, orange, green)
  • K - Intermediate Women W48- (green, orange, green)
  • L - Junior Relay M/W40- (orange, yellow, orange)
  • M - Mini Relay M/W12 and under (yellow, yellow, yellow)
  • N - Mixed Ad Hoc (green - long, green - short, orange)

For age-restricted relay classes E to L the total of the British Orienteering age classes (that is M35, M40, M45, M50 etc.; not the actual ages on the day) of the entrants counts. Added together these must be equal to or greater than (classes E, F, G, H), or equal to or less than (classes J, K, L) the number stipulated for the class.

For class M, the Mini Relay, all entrants must be M/W12 or below.

Both JK Trophy (for teams of 4) and Women’s Trophy (for teams of 3) are UK Relay League Races.


Individual entries now open (except elite which are closed). Please enter via the internet if possible. Postal entries using a combination of the BOF Standard Entry Form plus the JK2009 Supplementary Entry Form.

Total discount of £2 per senior / £1 per junior entering all three individual days.

Relay entries now open either online or using special entry form (available by contacting the relay entries secretary).

IOF membership refers to membership of a National Orienteering Association that is recognised by the IOF.

Junior price is applicable to juniors age 20 and below. Students are eligible for junior rate also, regardless of age class entered (may be asked to provide proof of student status).

Late closing date: Elite individual entries are now closed (to allow time for selection and, if necessary, seeding). 20th March for all other individual classes and relays.

Entry fees

Entry received by:31st Jan 200928th Feb 200920th Mar 2009
Day 1 - Sprint Race
Senior National BOF/IOF member£7.50£9.50£11.00
Senior Local BOF member£9.50£11.50£13.00
Junior BOF/IOF member£5.00£6.00£7.00
Days 2 & 3 - Middle and Long Races (fee per day)
Senior National BOF/IOF member£15.00£17.50£20.00
Senior Local BOF member£17.00£19.50£22.00
Junior BOF/IOF member£7.00£8.50£10.00
Senior Colour coded£6.00£6.00£6.00
Junior Colour coded£3.00£3.00£3.00
Trail-O (fee per day)
Senior National BOF/IOF member£10.00£11.00£12.00
Senior Local BOF member£12.00£13.00£14.00
Junior BOF/IOF member£4.00£5.00£6.00
Relays (fee per team)
JK Trophy (team of 4)£44.00£50.00£56.00
Senior relay team£33.00£37.50£42.00
Junior relay team£21.00£24.00£27.00

Start times

E/M/L start may be requested for Day 1, independently of other days (and starts on Day 1 are expected to be 11:30am - 3:30pm).

E/M/L start may be requested for Day 2 with balanced start allocated on Day 3 (excludes split starts for families), otherwise start times based on club start blocks.

To help with children and requesting split starts, we can offer the following preliminary information:

  • Day 2: Two starts both 15 mins walk in opposite directions from assembly (plus elite start in assembly). Parking is very close to assembly.
  • Day 3: Two starts both 1.5km in opposite directions from assembly. Parking is 1km from assembly.

Electronic punching

All days will use SPORTident. SI cards available for hire at £1 per day (pre-book with entry). The charge for lost cards is £30 each.

Despite the pre-event publicity to the contrary, Version 8/9 SI-Cards (identified as those with numbers over 1,000,000) can be used during the weekend. SPORTident have kindly provided the additional new style boxes that are required to work with these cards.


There is no need to pre-enter for the Trail-o but competitors are requested to email if they plan to attend, to help gauge map numbers.

Programme and results

Available on the JK2009 website. Printed copies of programmes and results may be ordered with entry for £3 each. Programmes will also be on sale at enquiries each day.

Entry changes

Cancellations, amendments and transfers can be made, up to the closing date

  • to online entries, via the online entry system, for free
  • to paper entries, via the entries secretary, for an administration charge of £2 per competitor per day and £5 per relay team.

Changes after closing date subject to map availability. Please contact the entries secretary.

Should all or part of the event be cancelled, the organisers reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fees to cover committed costs.

Parking permits

Parking on Day 1 will use the ample public parking facilities in Newcastle City centre. Parking at Days 2, 3 and 4 will be by parking permit, which should be ordered and paid for with your entry (also be on sale at the Sprint event on day 1). Charges:

  • car/campervan - £5
  • minibus - £12
  • coach - £25

Vehicles not displaying a valid permit will be charged daily as follows:

  • car/campervan - £3
  • minibus - £6
  • coach - £13

Groups planning to bring a coach must contact the co-ordinator in advance.


Helpers are eligible for reduced rate entries. Please contact your club secretary or representative for code to use when entering.

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